At Advanced Rehabilitation Parkmore we always strive towards keeping you fit and healthy. We see our yoga and pilates classes as an extension of your treatment as we often identify muscle imbalances, flexibility deficits or poor postural habits which may predispose you to injury, and which will need ongoing self-management even after you have recovered from an injury. Our therapists will advise you on which discipline they feel would benefit you most to ensure that you are able to manage your condition independently and stay injury and pain free.


Led by Baiju Darmalingam, an ISHTA trained instructor, our yoga classes offer benefits such as strength, flexibility, focus, calmness, relaxation and really connecting with your inner being.

Classes run on Friday mornings between 08:00 to 09:00. 

Each 60 minute class costs R100.

To book your place please contact Baiju on or on 083 307 0505.


Monique Bennett incorporates classical matwork with the use of equipment such as balls and resistance bands to improve your stability, strength and body awareness. She also uses biokinetic principles to improve overall body conditioning.

Classes run on Monday evenings between 18:00 to 19:00.

Each 60 minute session costs R130, or R500 monthly.

To book your place contact Monique on or on 083 278 0397.