Jo-Dee Pryce physiotherapist
ANDRIES LE ROUX Physiotherapist

Andries recently returned from the UK, where he worked in the private and occupational health sector for 12 years. For the past 6 years he was the clinical lead therapist and practice manager at a large multidisciplinary practice in Wimbledon. He completed the UK Manipulative Association of Chartered Physiotherapy (MACP) Diploma - equivalent to the OMT course in SA, and follows an evidence based, manual approach to treatment and rehabilitation. He has worked extensively with professional athletes, most recently working with the Surrey County Cricket Club (2016/17).

Andries has specialist skills in:

- Biomechanical and running assessments

- Extracorporeal shockwave therapy

- Sports and orthopaedic taping techniques

- Dry needling

- Cervical spine treatment 

- Occupational health case management

- Ergonomic assessments

- Medicolegal report writing