Massage - magic or myth?

So what's the big deal about massage? After all - I'm not injured and, no pain, no gain - right?

  • Do you recognise yourself in this statement?

  • Have you been training through pain and niggles?

  • Are you training for a specific event?

  • Do you want to train harder, perform better, with less pain and lower risk of injury?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you may want to consider sports massage as part of your training routine. Research evidence to support the use of massage is not always convincing and often contradictory, however clinically we know that athletes from many endurance as well as other sports benefit tremendously from regular sports massage to maintain soft tissue flexibility, relieve post-training discomfort and stiffness, and to remain injury free. The effects listed below have been shown in research, and many more studies are being conducted to further validate the use of massage as an adjunct to rehabilitation and training. More and more evidence is being gathered

  • Massage causes dilatation of superficial blood vessels, which improves blood flow, cardiac stroke volume and venous return. This improved blood flow aids the performance of fatigued muscles by bringing vital nutrients and oxygen to the tissues. Furthermore, improved oxygenation and nutrition can aid the healing process in injured tissues

  • Muscle fibres display less spasm after massage, with better endurance and force of contraction i.e better function

  • Massage reduces swelling in injured tissues by improving lymphatic drainage

  • Massage can reduce the concentration of post-exercise lactate levels, reducing muscle soreness

  • Massage utilises the "pain gate" mechanism, whereby hyperstimulation of mechanoreceptors just below the skin blocks painful stimuli from entering the spinal cord, thereby reducing and managing pain

  • Massage very effectively addresses stress and anxiety. Relaxation is vital for recovery from heavy endurance exercise or injury

The physiological effects of massage are generally short lived, and therefore professional athletes would normally have regular massages during training.

We understand that there is a cost and time implication to having regular massage. So, to make it more accessible, we are offering 30 minute focused sports massage sessions at a rate of only R150 to cyclists training for the TELKOM 947 Cycle Challenge. This offer will run throughout October and November. You will need to show proof of your entry as well as positive identification to qualify, and appointments are subject to availability. Contact us for more information or to make a booking, or book online.

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