Take up a challenge in 2018!

After the overindulgence of the Christmas season, you've probably made a long list of new year's resolutions. You do this every year, but have you ever asked yourself why you are never able to achieve the goals you set?

ComRes, a leading research consultancy, has published a list of the most common new year's resolutions, with 7 of the top 10 being health related:

1. Exercise more (38 %)

2. Lose weight (33 %)

3. Eat more healthily (32 %)

4. Take a more active approach to health (15 %)

6. Spend more time on personal wellbeing (12 %)

8. Drink less alcohol (12 %)

9. Stop smoking (9 %)

The million dollar question is how to achieve your goals? We would like to challenge you to do just one thing in 2018 - enter a sporting event. Whether this is a 5km run or a marathon, a 5 day hike or a triathlon, joining a sports team or class, do it today!! Your goal needs to be achievable, but should also be challenging enough to force you into action. We are confident that this will help you to achieve a lot of your health goals, and hopefully the bug will bite so that you will continue with your chosen physical activity.

Training for any sporting event requires appropriate strength and conditioning, and you obviously need to be injury free to be able to participate. Our Biokineticists and Physiotherapists can help you through your training, and help you to recover from any injuries you may pick up along the way. Contact us for advice or to schedule an appointment.

Keep an eye out for our next blog where we will provide you with a list of events taking place in South Africa in 2018, to make choosing and entering an event even easier!!

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